New Products! Daybreak and Citrus Eclipse: High Strength CBD Vape Oil Cartridges

Over the last few months we have been busily beavering away to develop one of the strongest CBD products available: our new CBD Vape Oil Cartridges that will come in two flavours - Citrus Eclipse and Daybreak. These little cartridges come in at a punchy 65% CBD + CBG which is over 6 times more concentrated than our 10% CBD E liquid Cartridges and stronger than almost any vaping product you can buy in the UK at the moment!

Paso CBD Vape Oil Cartridge OG Kush, Daybreak

We have wanted to develop a product like this for quite some time to give an option to all of you who only want to vape occasionally and want a strong hit of CBD when you do. The European and UK market for vaping products in general is strongly orientated towards vaping using e liquids with a base of PG and VG with CBD dissolved into this solution. This is how we make our CBD e liquids and CBD e liquid cartridges, which are both perfect for an everyday, lighter vape.

In contrast, the approach in the USA has long favoured vaping high concentration cannabis extracts (CBD or THC) which are undiluted by any other liquids, and we were wanted to bring this experience to you all in Europe!

As we have written about elsewhere, vaping CBD remains one of the fastest and strongest methods of delivering CBD into the body as it means that, unlike when eating CBD, it does not need to pass through the digestive system and instead can enter the bloodstream quickly via the high surface area provided by the lungs.

Unlike most CBD vape solutions available in the UK, our newly released distillate CBD vape oil cartridges do not contain any cutting agents like MCT, PG or VG. They just contain hemp extract and natural terpenes, nothing else! This means that they are the more natural way to vape CBD and that, because of their strength, with only a few puffs you should be all set.

In terms of flavours, like the rest of our CBD vape range, our new CBD cartridges take their inspiration from classic cannabis strains. Our Daybreak CBD cartridge takes its influence from the terpenes of OG Kush with a crisp herbaceous flavour and our Citrus Eclipse cartridge from Super Lemon Haze with more lemon zesty freshness. As ever, these carts are totally THC free and do not contain any nicotine so also work well as a smoking cessation device.

Both cartridges are compatible with our Vape Pen, or any other vape pen with a universal thread. However, because the CBD extract in these carts are so strong, it is seriously sticky and can harden in colder temperatures so we recommend that you look for a CBD vape pen, like ours, which has a variable voltage and / or a pre-heat function to give yourself the power to vaporise this high concentration CBD.

As ever, we would love to hear what you think and also if there are any strains / flavours you want us to bring out this year!