Vaping Information & Care

 A. Safety Information

Ensuring that you have a high quality product is very important to us.

All of our products which contain CBD have been lab tested to ensure quality and the absence of any THC. According to a report from the World Health Organisation: “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential…. To date, there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD."

Our vape liquids are all manufactured in the United Kingdom in compliance with stringent Good Manufacturing Practices and in accordance with the European Tobacco Directive (even though they don’t contain any tobacco or nicotine :-)) to ensure a consistently high quality of product. This is in contrast to many non-EU eliquid manufacturers, such as in the USA, where regulations relating to vaping are not nearly as stringent. None of our products contain vitamin E acetate, nicotine or THC. 

Our vape cartridges are made from glass with an ceramic core, and are plastic free.

According to a government sponsored report, published by Public Health England in 2018, based on the available evidence “vaping is a fraction of the risk of smoking, at least 95% less harmful”. This being said, we do not advocate continual, all-day vaping and believe moderation is very important!

Please also remember that CBD is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. We cannot and we do not make any claims whatsoever about the products on our website.

Statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MRHA) or similar bodies.

B. Paso Vaporiser Battery

1. How do I turn my Paso CBD vaporiser on-and-off and vape?

Click the central button 5 times to turn on or off - you need to do this fairly quickly!  To vape, breathe through the mouth piece of the vape cartridge you've attached whilst holding down the central button at the same time.

2. Why does the vaporiser have different voltage settings?

Your Paso CBD vaporiser’s different voltage settings allow you to create the ultimate personalised vaping experience.

Lower voltages allow for a more delicate taste experience – allowing you to fully experience the plant-based profile of the underlying liquid, whilst higher voltage produces more vapour clouds.

3. How do I change voltage settings on my Paso CBD vaporiser?

Once you have turned on your vape, quickly click 3 times to change between each voltage setting.  

When the central button is Green this signifies the lowest voltage setting (delicate flavour). This is followed by Blue and Red - the highest voltage setting (more vapour clouds).

Have a play around and see what voltage setting works best for you.

4. How and when do I use the pre-heat function?

The Paso CBD vaporiser also has a preheat function which can be activated once you have turned on your vape, by quickly clicking 2 times.

You will know the pre-heat function has been activated because the central button light will gradually change in colour from Green to Blue to Pink to Purple to Red as the vaporiser battery pre-heats the cartridge.

We’ve included this function as preheating is needed when vaping oils (our next line of products!) which are much more vicious than eliquids.

Please only use the pre-heat function 1 time per session if not vaping oils to prevent the vaporiser battery from overheating.

5. How long should my Paso CBD vaporiser’s battery last?

One charge should last approximately 100 puffs, but this depends on the voltage settings used, as higher voltages will run down the battery more quickly than lower voltages.

This makes our Paso vaporiser perfect for occasional use: to kick back with at the end of a long day or if you want to chill at particular moments during your day.

If you’re a more regular vaper and would prefer to vape Paso CBD more consistently throughout your day, we’d recommend using our Paso CBD e liquids with your all-day, every-day vaporiser.

6. How do I know I need to charge my Paso CBD vaporiser battery?

When the vaporiser is low on power and needs a charge, the central button will start to flash.

7. How do I charge my Paso CBD vaporiser?

When it comes to re-charging, gently screw your vaporiser battery onto the USB charger included and plug into a USB port of an AC adaptor or your computer.

Whilst charging the central light on your vaporiser will be a solid Red light.

Once full charge has been reached the central light on your vaporiser will turn off and the light on the charger will turn from Red to Green.  The vaporiser should charge fairly quickly, in about an hour or two.

Do not leave your vaporiser battery unattended whilst charging.

8. My vaporiser battery feels too hot, what should I do?

If your vaporiser starts to feel too hot, turn it off (5-clicks) and let it cool down for a few minutes.

9. How should I store my vaporiser?

Store your vaporiser in a cool place, out of direct sunlight and away from water as this can damage the battery.

If you have a CBD cartridge screwed into the top of your cartridge and you are not using your vaporiser, leave in an upright position as this will reduce the chances of the CBD cartridge leaking. Alternatively if you are not vaping for a while, unscrew your vape cartridge from the vaporiser battery, place the rubber plug back on the bottom and store the cartridge upright in a cool place out of direct sunlight. 

C. Paso CBD Cartridge

10. How do I attach a CBD cartridge to my Paso vaporiser?

Once you have taken your CBD cartridge out of its packet, remove the rubber plug at the top of the cartridge and then screw clockwise into the top of your Paso vaporiser.

The cartridge and vaporiser should be screwed together firmly, finger tight, but please don’t over tighten as this can damage the cartridge and cause leaking.

Store the cartridge upright if you can—oil can seep into the mouthpiece if you don’t.

11. Can I refill my Paso CBD cartridge?

We would recommend that you do not try to unscrew the top of you vaporiser cartridge or try to refill them. This will break the seal and may cause the cartridge to leak.

12. Can I use my Paso CBD cartridge with other vaporiser devices?

Yes – our vape cartridges can be used in most vape batteries with a “universal” / “510 thread”.

13. How do I prevent my Paso CBD cartridge leaking?

Even though we use the best cartridges in the business, annoyingly leakage can occur when vaping CBD e liquids.

Leaking occurs when the central ceramic core of the vape cartridge (inside the central metal tube in your cartridge) which is used to heat the e liquid becomes (excessively) filled with CBD e liquid, faster than it can vaporise it.

Here are some preventative measures to reduce the risk of this happening:

a.  Storage

i) Store in a cool place

CBD e liquid is notorious for breaking down and thinning if it’s left under intense heat like direct sunlight. When thinned, the CBD e liquid is more likely to flood the central ceramic core of the vape cartridge and cause leaking. Keep your cart in a cool, dark place to avoid this!

ii) Keep your tanks standing straight up

The best way to store your vape cartridges are in a vertical position.

Not vaping for a while? Unscrew your vape cartridge from the vaporiser batter, place the rubber plug back on the bottom and store the cartridge upright in a cool, dark place.

b. Vaping technique

i) Take long, soft drags

Leaking from the mouthpiece (often accompanied by some gurgling noise) – is sign that you could be inhaling too hard on your Paso vaporiser.

This is a key difference between vaping and regular smoking: drawing harder on a cigarette or roll-up gives you more smoke, but inhaling more sharply on an e-cigarette accomplishes little.

In fact, when you puff sharply on your Paso vaporiser, too much suction is applied to the cartridge and will pull excess e liquid into the central tube faster than the ceramic heating core can vaporise it.

That leaves you sucking some excess liquid up through the centre tube like a straw – and potentially causing leaking.

The solution takes some getting used to, but it’s easy: It is better to take long, soft drags. Vapour will come even with gentle inhalation, and you won’t flood your ceramic heating core.

14. How do I fix my Paso CBD cartridge leaking?

Since leaking occurs when the central ceramic core of the vape cartridge becomes filled with CBD e liquid faster than it can vaporise it, the process of “fixing” leaks is usually just a process of removing this excess CBD e liquid from the central ceramic core.  There are two main ways of doing this:

a. Blow-to-clear

  1. Remove your vape cartridge from your Paso vaporiser - taking care to turn the cartridge sufficiently upside down to stop the liquid running out as you remove the vaporiser battery.

  2. Wrap a paper towel around the end of the cartridge which normally screws into your Paso vaporiser and blow through the mouthpiece - again without turning it upright and spilling liquid.

  3. The excess e liquid in the central air flow tube will come out onto the paper towel as you blow. You may need to blow a few times to ensure the tube is clear.

b. Increase your power setting

Switching to a higher power or voltage setting. This will vaporise more juice per puff and hopefully rid the ceramic core or excessive CBD e liquid.

It will also lead to more vapour (which you may not want), and can bring out different elements of the flavour of your e liquid.

Let us know if your Paso cartridge leaks excessively or if it continues after these steps. Be sure to save the troublesome Paso cartridge and its packaging.

15. What time frame should I use up my vape liquid in?

All our CBD vape cartridges come with expiry dates on their packaging.

For the best quality and flavour from your oil cartridge, use them up within 3 weeks of opening. If they get older and start to turn brown (an oxidisation process), but are still within their expiry date they are still safe and effective, even if they don’t taste as great.

16. My e liquid has started to darken - what should I do?

As CBD is a naturally derived compound it occasionally will oxidise causing colour change – sometime leading to brownish streaks appearing in your vape liquid. Oxidation can happen at ambient temperatures, but things like heat (leaving it in your car or taking a puff) and UV radiation (sun light) can exacerbate the problem. 

Other factors also play a part: the plant-based terpenes we use in our e liquids can also oxidise with time; also, the ceramic core in your vape cartridge will build up residue from use. Usually, it will pass slowly back into the cartridge leading to small dark streaks toward the bottom of your cartridge.

There are certain chemicals you can add to prevent this, but we want to stay clear of them for the benefit of consumer health and safety.

In these circumstances, your vape cartridges is still safe to vape, but remember that once opened your liquids should be consumed within 3 weeks.

17.  Crystals have started to from in my e liquid what should I do?

It is possible for some of the CBD in your vape cartridge to crystallize — appearing like clear shards clinging to the inside walls of the cartridge. This is usually when the cartridge has become too cold for an extended period of time. You can still use your Paso cartridge but we recommend you gently warm your cartridge (without the battery attached) e.g. by placing near (not on!) a radiator. This should warm the e liquid and dissolve the CBD. Once this occurs, reattach to the battery and take a few puffs to redistribute the oil into the cartridge's heating element.

D. CBD e Liquids

18.  What are your e liquids made from?

The e liquids in our CBD cartridges and our e liquids are made from a mixture of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin which is the typical base for e liquids in the UK. These are then carefully combined with natural botanical oils ~ also known as terpenes ~ found in the cannabis plant, so are expertly balanced and taste awesome.

Although we have named our vape blends after the cannabis plan strains they are derived from, all our CBD is derived from hemp and has been tested to ensure it is THC free and 100% UK legally compliant.