CBD Vape Cartridges

Our CBD vape cartridges come in two strengths: an everyday 10% CBD e liquid cartridge and high strength 65% CBD vape oil cartridge. 

All our CBD vape cartridges are inspired by classic cannabis terpenes, are totally THC free and are compatible with our Paso CBD Vape Pen or any other universal or 510 thread vaporiser battery.

Just screw in and puff away!

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Given the high efficacy of vaping, many people select this format if they need the CBD to act quickly, for example, if you are taking CBD for social anxiety or pain. If this is you - we have you covered! There are two different types of CBD vape liquid you can pick from and we have both! Which one you decide to go with will totally depend on your preference. To make it easier for you to select and buy the right one, we thought we’d give you a little run down of the difference between each!

The first type of CBD vape liquid you can have is a CBD e liquid. This is like a traditional e liquid made using propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) as the base mixture. However, instead of nicotine or another artificial flavouring being added into this, we dissolve hemp extract (containing CBD and other minor cannabinoids like CBG) and natural terpenes to give them that authentic cannabis taste profile. Due to the hemp extract being diluted down by the PG / VG mixture, CBD e liquids are a weaker option making them perfect if you are looking to vape CBD more regularly throughout the day. We have two different flavours using the natural terpenes from our favourite cannabis strains - Mango Kush and Lemon Amnesia Haze. Both vape cartridges are delightfully herbaceous with no sickly, sweet, too fruity aftertaste. [For wholesale, we only sell our CBD e liquids in the 10ml bottles, not our vape cartridges, please reach out for more questions.]

The other option you have to choose from and that you can buy online from us, is a higher concentration CBD vape oil cartridge. These vape cartridges are made using pure hemp extract (containing CBD and other minor cannabinoids) and natural terpenes - nothing else! We took the lead from the US market, where this type of vape cartridge is hugely popular being the healthiest, purest way to vape CBD. Due to the undiluted nature of the CBD vape oil, it does require that you use a specific CBD oil vape pen that is powerful enough to heat the thicker extract. Due to its variable voltage functionality, our CBD vape pen works for both types of vape cartridges - high temp for vape oils and lower temp for thinner CBD e liquids.

Each of our vape cartridges is 60% CBD - meaning you don’t need to vape as often and you get a much stronger hit of CBD when you do. This makes it a very popular option for people who don’t normally vape, but do so because it’s the most effective way to administer the therapeutic benefits of CBD. We have three baseline flavours of CBD vape oil and then rotate out a limited edition high concentration vape cartridge every few months. Each has our own-name brand but uses the natural terpenes of our favourite cannabis strains - for example, our Citrus Eclipse vape cartridge is our take on a Super Lemon Haze oil cartridge. Check out more information on each flavour by selecting one of the vape cartridges below.

All our vape cartridges - both our CBD e liquids and CBD vape oils - come in 510 thread compatible vape cartridges. We suggest pairing them with our CBD vape pen as we’ve purposefully optimized the effectiveness of our vape cartridges with that specific vape pen. So shop online now, and give each of our vape cartridges a go. It goes without saying, if you have any questions, let us know!