CBD Oral Oil Drops & Sprays

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With so many people now turning to the plant world for their ailment answers and with the many articles written on the potential health benefits, it is no surprise that we are seeing a lot of people buying CBD oil for sleep or anxiety in the UK. If this is you, we’d highly suggest, giving our range of CBD tinctures a try.

Our delicious and nutritious CBD oils in a tincture are the healthiest and most natural way to consume CBD. Perfect if you are looking to take CBD as a daily supplement for an ongoing issue or just for daily calm. Of all the CBD edibles, CBD oil from a tincture is the most effective as some of the CBD is absorbed via the sublingual artery under your tongue before having to pass through your digestive system. This makes it a good format if you are looking to take CBD for anxiety which requires a more immediate response, but don’t want to vape. 

All our CBD tinctures for sale in the UK, use broad spectrum CBD meaning they contain CBD along with all the other minor cannabinoids found in the hemp plant (except THC which is not allowed here in the UK). The presence of these other minor cannabinoids boosts the overall effects of CBD as per the so-called “entourage effect” making them more effective than a CBD tincture made from CBD isolate.

We sell a range of strengths and will be introducing more flavours in the coming months - orange and mint. This will deliciously mask the underlying hemp flavour which may be a bit much for newcomers. 

Once again, we can't stress enough, as you’d be surprised as to how many people get this wrong, our CBD oil in a tincture cannot be used for vaping. If you decide to go with vaping as your chosen format, you will need to buy a CBD vape oil (check out ours, which we think are some of the best CBD vape oils for sale in the UK).  

Many people ask, what is the perfect amount of CBD or dosage for social anxiety or sleep. This is hard for us to stipulate or suggest as each of us are different and so the CBD will respond to each of our bodies slightly differently. For example, whilst someone may take CBD oil for sleep someone else may take CBD for anxiety. What we always suggest, is start low and see how you go remembering that with CBD in a tincture it may take a little longer than vaping to feel the effects. 

So give our CBD tincture and let us know if you have any questions - we’re always here to help!