CBD E Liquids

Our CBD E Liquids are perfect for those of you who'd prefer to vape using your own device.

Available in 3 delicious flavours, inspired by classic cannabis terpenes, our CBD vape E Liquids are totally THC free and taste delicious.

Shake the bottle, refill your tank and puff away.

Check out our Learn About pages for more info on CBD and CBD vaping

Vaping is the most effective way of administering CBD into your system. This is because vaping CBD has what is called a high bioavailability meaning a higher percentage of CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream at a faster rate. CBD edibles, for example, have to pass through the digestive system before they are absorbed into your blood and, by that point, after its long journey to get there, it’s no surprise less CBD is absorbed. Conversely, when you vape, the CBD is absorbed almost instantaneously via the large surface area of the lungs and the dense capillary network that exists there.

CBD e liquids are a great option if you are looking to vape CBD more lightly throughout the day due to their lower strength - 10% CBD. Our CBD e liquid range is the exact same CBD e liquid that is sold in our vape cartridges. This means if you are already rather attached to your vaporiser you can just fill that up with this. As with our vape cartridges, we have two flavours - Mango Kush and Lemon Amnesia Haze. Each is made using a base blend of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG) with hemp extract (containing CBD and other minor cannabinoids like CBG) and natural terpenes to give them that authentic cannabis flavour.

Again, if you’d prefer 510 thread compatible cartridges rather than filling your existing vaping device, shop here.

Unfortunately, we do not sell any of our CBD vape oils in 10ml bottles as the consistency of the extract (extremely thick and sticky) makes it too difficult for you to fill your own cartridges / find anything that would be able to help you with this (e.g. we use special machines!). So you can only buy our CBD vape oil in pre-filled vape cartridges.

Just a quick note to help you with your online search for CBD e liquids, some retailers will label or market their CBD e liquid range as weed flavoured e liquids here in the UK. If you do come across this, double check that the e liquid in question does actually contain CBD (hemp extract) rather than just being weed flavoured and probably only containing the natural terpenes for flavouring. Also, if you come across a marijuana e liquid online or at a legitimate retailer, this is also false advertising. All cannabis vape liquids in the UK have to be derived from hemp not marijuana to be legal.

For wholesale, we only sell our CBD e liquids in the 10ml bottles not our vape cartridges, please reach out for more questions.

Of course we think they are some of the best CBD e liquids in the UK, but buy some online and try for yourself. Any and all feedback welcome and wanted! We want our products to be the best around.

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