CBD Vape Pen

Sleek to look at and beautiful to hold our Paso CBD Vape Pen Battery is compatible with our range of delicious CBD vape catridges or any other CBD vape cartridges with a 510 thread.

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We have not sacrificed our standards to bring you one of the cheapest vape pens in the UK, but with the quality, durability and additional functionality that you’d expect to see in many higher-end and often overly priced vape pens for sale. 

Our sleek, stylish and easy to use 510 thread CBD vape pen is designed from premium hardware with additional functionality to give you a highly personalised vaping experience. Unlike many of the other cheap vape pens for sale, our CBD vape pen is reusable which may cost a few extra pounds upfront but will save you (and the planet) much more in the long run. Simply charge it up or change the vape cartridge once it’s done. 

Now, when vaping this does not mean you can vape any old cbd oil for sale such as our CBD oil tincture. You must use a CBD oil specifically made for vaping. There are 2 main types of CBD vape liquid you can pick from - a CBD e liquid and a CBD vape oil. CBD e liquids are like any other e liquid in that they are made using a base mixture of PG and VG. However, rather than nicotine or artificial flavouring being dissolved into this mixture, we use hemp extract (containing CBD and other minor cannabinoids) and natural terpenes that give them their authentic cannabis flavour. CBD vape oils are not diluted down anything, they are pure extract, natural terpenes and nothing else! As such, CBD e liquids are lower concentration (10% CBD) and much less viscous than CBD vape oils (65% CBD). 

Pure extract CBD vape oils require a more powerful vaping device. For our friends from over the ocean, you’d call this type of device a “marijuana vape pen” which denotes a vaping device that has the ability to heat up thicker oils and extracts. Retailers may call it this or a cannabis vape in the UK, but a CBD oil vape pen is more apt. 

Excitingly, with its variable voltage setting and pre-heat functionality, our CBD vape pen works with both CBD e liquids and CBD vape oils. Just use the lowest setting for thinner e liquids and the higher setting along with pre-heat function for thicker oils and extracts. 

Our CBD vape pen has been designed specifically to work best with our own brand vape cartridges. We suggest (obviously) pairing it with one of our CBD vape cartridges to give the newbies amongst you the best vape pen starter kit to get you going!