Replacement Vape Pen USB Charger

  • £5.00

Your Paso CBD vape pen already comes with a USB charger included, this is just if you need to replace a lost one!

If you are here from Amazon and seeking a replacement charge please email us on the Amazon messenger app or and we will send you a discount code. 

About our USB Charger

Our USB charger is made specifically for use with our CBD vape pen. If you have a cannabis vape pen from somewhere else in the world, it most likely won't work with our charger and so you will need to find one that works specifically with your model. 

How To Use

Screw the bottom of your vape pen battery onto this USB charger and then connect to a power supply. The light on the USB charger will change from red to green when your vape battery is fully charged. Do not leave unattended whilst charging. 

For more info on how to use your charger, check out our Learn More about Vaping section.