Explaining the different ways of taking CBD products

With a stampede of new CBD businesses each selling mind melting range of CBD products it’s pretty confusing for anyone new to the space to understand what CBD products might work best for them.

Here we go through the four main methods of taking CBD to help you better understand how they each work on your body…

CBD Oil Drops aka Tinctures: drops under the tongue

Up until a couple of years ago, carrying round a small glass bottle of oil with a pipette would be likely to mark you out as medieval apothecary revivalist. Today though, CBD oil drops also known as CBD tinctures are widespread and probably the most popular method taking the good stuff by dropping a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue.

CBD Oil Drops

The main reason for this is thanks to the sub-lingual artery – the artery under tongue – which has a healthy blood supply and is easily permeable. The result is that 5 drops of CBD oil held for 30 seconds or so under the tongue are quickly and easily absorbed into the blood stream, increasing the speed at which effects are experienced, and minimizing CBD being wasted through lack of absorption. This faster onset time can make tinctures a good option for taking just before bed, or wanting to chill out quickly.

If you are starting out and want something quality to our 3.3% Oil Drops are a great value place to start. Alternatively if you want something a little stronger our 10% Oil Spray have got you covered – plus come in two delicious flavours – mint and orange – if you are not partial to the taste of unflavoured hemp extract.

CBD Vaping

If taking CBD oil under the tongue is one of the faster ways of experiences the effects of CBD, vaping CBD e liquids or CBD vape oil is definitely the fastest. Without getting too anatomical, the high surface area and blood flow to the lungs make absorption of CBD very quick when vaping – a few minutes – and therefore is perfect for those of you who don’t want to wait around.

There are two main ways of vaping CBD: CBD e liquids which use a PG/VG base and are usually around 10% strength, and CBD vape oils which are basically just a mix of CBD oil and terpenes and are around 50-70% strength.

If you are new to CBD and want something relaxed, fast acting and a bit social one of our CBD Vape Pens and CBD Oil Cartridges are a great place to start.

Vape Pen Starter Kit


CBD Edibles: CBD edible gummies and CBD chocolate

CBD edibles are best option who wants both a great taste experience and partake in the more subtle long lasting, more subtle wellness effects of CBD. The reason why edibles take much longer to effect the body is because they need to pass through the digestive system to get into your bloodstream and start the process of interacting with your endocannabinoid system. It doesn’t seem it but it’s a long, treacherous journey for those CBD cannabinoids from your mouth to your stomach. The result is that eating CBD can only effect the body after 1.5 – 2 hours, meaning it’s a better option for those wanting to take CBD as a daily wellness supplement, rather than experience its effects quickly and in isolation. Check out our CBD edible gummies for a delicious fruity burst. 

CBD Cranberry Gummies