CBD Edibles: Why our CBD Chocolate is so moreish!

We’ve previously discussed one of our CBD edible products - the CBD gummy - but, now, we will move on to the other big love of our life - our signature CBD chocolate. Are you looking for the best CBD chocolate in the UK? Well, look no further! Since launch, the Paso CBD chocolate has proven to be a huge hit with all types of CBD takers - both regulars and even those new to CBD.  We will spend the rest of this post outlining just what it is that makes our CBD chocolate so delightfully tasty and moreish!

Delicately Balanced Flavours

Most of the CBD chocolate in the UK we had come across before launching our own was rather bitter and tasted strongly of hemp with little to no flavour profile. But, we didn’t think you needed to sacrifice taste for the sake of the CBD - you could do both - have a delicious chocolate with CBD in it too. The end result, a CBD chocolate that (in our opinion) could hold its own against any more conventional, non-CBD chocolate bars.  And, thankfully, we got the stamp of approval from ES Magazine who said that it was a CBD chocolate “that actually tastes good!” 

All our CBD chocolate is handmade (so forgive the odd bubble or two!) in the UK from the highest quality Belgian chocolate and comes in three of the most popular (and conventional) chocolate flavours - dark, milk and white chocolate. Each chocolate flavour is well balanced with a mildly floral finish. Our CBD dark chocolate is delicately bitter with a rich roast cocoa taste, our CBD milk chocolate is deliciously creamy with notes of caramel, and our CBD white chocolate offers a velvety smooth burst of vanilla.  

Many of you have asked us if we are going to expand this range into other chocolate flavours and we are already exploring some exciting combinations so stay tuned! (And, if you have any interesting suggestions - we’re all ears and would love to hear from you - just email hello@pasocbd.co.uk!)

Perfect product entry into the world of CBD

A lot of people have now heard about, and/or are interested in CBD, but are still a little apprehensive about trying it. Our aim was to create a product range that worked for all different types of CBD users (experts to novices) and so we thought developing a CBD chocolate would be less intimidating to newbies as it was in a format that they were familiar with and they would enjoy consuming from a taste perspective.

As such, CBD edibles - in particular CBD chocolate - are the perfect place to start your CBD journey as not only is it delicious, but it also tends to be less strong in terms of CBD content so you can ease your way into it and assess the strength that you are most comfortable with. With our CBD chocolate, we suggest a row per serving remembering that with CBD edibles it takes a bit longer to actualise the effects (about 1.5 - 2 hours after eating the chocolate) so resist the urge and try to wait to see how you feel before delving into more!

Beautiful Packaging 

For us, the way our CBD chocolate bar looked was equally important to the taste - we wanted you be attracted to it on the shelf of a shop or out the pages of a magazine and, more than that, we wanted for you to enjoy the actual experience of unwrapping your bar of chocolate so it felt like the well deserved treat that it is (akin to Charlie tucking into a magical bar of Willy Wonka’s finest). 

Paso CBD chocolate has been picked up by various publications - listed as a Valentine’s day present that women actually want along with being in Esquire. So, listen to the experts (and us), and give our chocolate a taste for either yourself or a loved one!