A Guide to CBD Oil Vape Pens

You have decided that vaping CBD is your chosen method of consumption and that you want something which can cope with concentrated CBD distillate oils - namely a CBD oil / e liquid vape pen. But you are new to this, so how do you know exactly which vaping device to choose? What should you look for when picking your first CBD vape pen when wading through the huge number of options for sale in the UK? 

To help, I thought I would outline which features we thought were important to incorporate into the Paso CBD oil and e liquid vape pen, and what you should think about - whether you are looking for a CBD vape pen starter kit or are trading in / upgrading what you are currently using.

Best CBD Oil Vape Pen UK

Easy to use

Especially if you are new to vaping CBD, the most important thing is that your device is easy-to-use.  If you are interested in vaping both CBD oils (stronger) – as opposed to just CBD e liquids (weaker) – you can’t use a device which is designed to just vape e liquids as it won’t be powerful enough to vaporise thicker CBD vape oils. (Check out our article on vaping CBD oils if you want more information on this!)

In the UK at the moment, there are only two options of vape pen which relate to CBD oil vaping for sale (and, thankfully, both are very easy to use): a disposable all-in-one device (pre-filled with CBD vape oil) or a reusable battery (like ours) which you use with disposable CBD vape cartridges. With the disposables, you are good to go at point of purchase and it’s usually just a press of the button; with the latter, you screw in your cart of choice (replace when and as you need) and, depending on the type of battery, turn on and select your setting.

A re-usable battery – with a universal thread (the bit at the top of the vape battery which you screw your cartridge into) -  gives you the advantage of being able to choose between using high concentration CBD vape cartridges or lower concentration CBD e liquid vape cartridges depending on what mood you are in.


For us, having a CBD oil vape pen that is reusable, is very important due to the environmental implications of a one-time use, disposable device that you chuck once you finish. Moreover, with a reusable CBD oil vape pen, you are also giving yourself a lot more choice and bang for your buck - you are not beholden to the CBD vape cartridge that comes with the pen so you can switch between flavours (one day Lemon Haze, the next Mango Kush) and strength (lower strength CBD cartridges filled with CBD e liquids one time and high strength CBD vape cartridges another) together with being able to keep on using your CBD vape pen many times after charging it up. 

Portable, sleek design 

Juuls have become increasingly popular amongst nicotine smokers as they look slick, are nice to hold and easy to carry about with you. Modern CBD vape pens for sale in the UK, thankfully, are much the same - they are thin, light and can fit in a pocket or purse meaning it’s easy to have as part of your on-the-go essential items and you can have a puff of CBD wherever you are, whenever you need!

Variable voltage

A variable voltage device (only available on reusable vape devices) essentially means that you are able to personalise your CBD vaping experience selecting a setting that best suits your vaping style.

Lower voltages provide a more delicate taste so that you can experience the plant-based profile (especially if terpene-based) of the underlying CBD e liquid whilst a higher voltage produces more vapour clouds. High voltages are especially important needed when vaping thicker, high concentration CBD oil vape cartridges as explained below. 

Paso CBD - Cheap Cannabis Oil Vape Pen in UK

Pre-heat functionality 

This function or feature, is perhaps the most “complicated” if you are new to the CBD oil vaping game, but it is definitely worth thinking through when you are selecting any vape pen starter kit and you are looking to vape high concentration CBD oil cartridges as opposed to only CBD e liquids as they are much stronger and more vicious than e liquids and sometimes need to be heated up before you begin vaping (especially if they are cold). Personally, this is a huge deciding factor for me as I now only vape high CBD content vape cartridges as they are a lot stronger than smoking CBD e liquids which are usually no more than 10% strength, whilst CBD distillate cartridges tend to be between 50-70% strength.

High Concentration CBD vape oil cartridge

Remember, however, that the CBD oil in Paso’s cartridges (just CBD extract and terpenes) is not the same as vaping the CBD oil you might buy in a tincture bottle which is made by dissolving CBD distillate in a carrier oil such as hemp oil or MCT oil, and shouldn’t be used for vaping!


Finally, and particularly now, we are all a lot more price conscious and many of the options available online can be a bit daunting in terms of cost - especially if they have many of the features I have previously mentioned.

BUT, I can tell you, that being on a budget does not mean you need to skimp on quality, design and just an all round great vaping experience whether you are a pro, or just looking for a vape pen starter kit. Our vape pen has all these key elements - sleek design, reusable, variable voltage and a pre-heat function - and we've made it extremely affordable (only £19.95)! An absolute bargain and works like a dream!

Check out our Paso CBD vape pen and selection of Paso CBD oil vape cartridges to enjoy for yourself!