CBD oil drops vs. CBD vape oil: same same, but actually different...

Here at Paso, we sell both CBD oil drops and CBD vape oil and it is important to remember that the two are very different!! It would be equally terrible if you bought a bottle of our CBD e liquid and dropped it under your tongue or filled a vape cartridge with our CBD oil drops and attempted to vape it - but why!? The two both say CBD and oil surely that means they are the same thing? Wrong, the two are fundamentally different and we’ll now explain why… 

As a quick aside for the sake of clarity... when we refer to CBD vape oil, we are not referring to CBD e liquids as they are also quite a bit different to CBD vape oil - CBD vape oil is purer than CBD e liquid and is usually made with undiluted oil extract, derived from hemp. It is not mixed with PG / VG which is the liquid base of all e liquids. This is an important distinction to make and also a reason why some people often get confused and end up thinking they can vape any CBD oil even those not specified as a CBD vape oil. 

Right, so, with that, we will now do a deeper dive into the key differences between CBD oral oil drops and CBD vape oil. And, whilst, to some of you, this may seem obvious, we can assure you people still make the mistake! 

CBD oil drops and CBD vape oil fall under two different CBD categories


Paso CBD Oil Drops

CBD oil drops are classified as an edible and, as is obvious from the descriptor, CBD vape oil is a vaping product.  This means that the CBD enters your body differently (via the digestive system VS. via the lungs) and so will impact the body at a different rate. As we have discussed in previous posts, when CBD is ingested as an edible it will take longer to take effect in the body as it has to pass through the digestive system and liver before it goes into your bloodstream.  CBD vaping, on the other hand, will be more instantaneous as the high surface area and blood flow to the lungs makes the absorption of CBD into the bloodstream very quick. 

As a result of this, it can be easier when vaping to find the right dose of CBD that you want at that moment as there is little to no time lag between vaping and feeling the CBD, whereas with an edible we would suggest waiting 1-1.5 hours before deciding to take more!

Conversely, however, it’s easier with edibles to more accurately track the amount of CBD you are putting into your body at a given time using the oil dropper (and directions) to measure your dose. This is especially helpful if you already know what the right amount of CBD is for you! This is much more difficult to control when vaping as it is hard to know how much CBD you are inhaling at a given time and everyone vapes a bit differently so could inhale more or less than someone else!

CBD oil drops are stronger than other edibles, but CBD vape oil packs an even bigger punch! 

In comparison to other CBD edibles (CBD chocolate, CBD gummies etc.), CBD oral oil drops tend to be a bit stronger as they are more concentrated so will come in a higher potency than other edibles such as CBD gummies and CBD chocolate.  This means you will get a lot more mileage from a tincture bottle of CBD oil and why it tends to cost a bit more than other edible products. 

CBD vape oil tends to be the strongest way to take CBD. In comparison to CBD vape e liquid, which is usually no more than 10% strength, CBD vape oil cartridges tend to be between 50-70% in strength. Due to this high concentration, they require far fewer puffs to reach a desired effect. 

Paso CBD Vape Oil Cartridge Lemon Haze

CBD oral oil drops have a dissolvent so you are able to drop it out!

CBD oral oil drops are made by dissolving CBD distillate in a carrier oil such as hemp oil or MCT oil. Our CBD Oil Drops, for example, are made from broad spectrum CBD (i.e. CBD + other cannabinoids including CBG, CBC, and terpenes) and is suspended in pure coconut MCT oil. It is free of flavorings, colorings and additives and is vegan friendly! 

CBD oil vape cartridges on the other hand (and in the majority of cases) do not have a carrier oil in them. So, again using ours as an example, the Paso CBD distillate vape cartridges are just filled with CBD and CBG distillate, natural terpenes, and nothing else!

CBD oral oil drops vs. CBD vape oil? It’s up to you!

Which is best for you - well that’s totally your decision to make! Many people prefer taking CBD orally as they don’t want to put smoke into their lungs. CBD oil drops are one of the best options if you are looking to take it more of a daily health supplement - and if you are trying to avoid the added temptation of the added calories of other CBD edibles (especially ours which are particularly moreish!). 

CBD vape oil, as said before, is the most effective way to take CBD and, if you are already a vaper, the purest way to vape. 

Irrespective, give them both a go and see what you prefer. Our CBD oral oil drops come in three different strengths (we are exploring new natural flavours as we speak!) and we have two delicious, high strength flavours for our CBD distillate oil vape cartridges – Day Break, and Citrus Eclipse their each a homage to two of our favourite cannabis strains OG Kush (Day Break) and Lemon Haze (Citrus Eclipse).

As always, let us know - we love hearing from you!