Why buy a CBD vape oil cartridge?

Unlike the US, CBD vape oil cartridges are rather new to the UK market. In fact, we are one of the few brands selling them over here! Typically in the UK, the majority of vape shops have a humongous selection of CBD e liquids to choose from with very few, if any CBD vape oil cartridges. However, there has been an increasing demand for CBD vape oil cartridges because people want to vape something both purer and stronger! 

When you see a CBD vape oil cartridge you can automatically assume that this is then a high strength CBD cartridge. Why? As we have explained to you before, CBD vape oil is a purer, more concentrated way to vape CBD. This is because unlike CBD e liquid, CBD vape oil cartridges are not diluted down by any other liquids or cutting agents such as PG / VG. It is simply CBD (hemp extract) mixed with natural terpenes and nothing else. So, where a CBD e liquid can only really be 10% CBD highest for it to still vape well and taste good, a CBD vape oil can be as high as 65% CBD. 

Many people favour these high strength cartridges as:

1) they are the healthiest way to vape CBD as no other diluents or solvents are used, which some view as potentially harmful to inhale or puts them off vaping as they don’t want to vape any additional liquid or substance to the CBD. This is particularly the case for people who are not regular vapers looking for a CBD alternative, but, rather, are vaping CBD due to its efficacy 

2)  they are much stronger so you can take less puffs and get more of a hit when you do. This makes it a great option for people who are vaping for a specific illness or ailment where they need the effects of the CBD to be more immediate in order to counteract any symptoms.

It’s important to note, again as we’ve said before, but in case you are eyeballs are joining us fresh! That you will need a more powerful device for vaping CBD vape oil cartridges as its consistency is a lot thicker than CBD e liquids. In the US, they tend to call this type of device of a cannabis vape pen, but over here we call this type of device a Cannabis vape pen. Our 510 thread battery works well as we actually designed it to work for both types of vape liquids.  

So what makes our CBD vape oil cartridges so great? 

  1. We use natural terpenes derived from the most popular cannabis strains such as Super Lemon Haze for our Citrus Eclipse carts. This gives each of our cartridges an authentic flavour with lovely complex harbeacous tones and, most importantly, not too sweet! 
  2. It is one of the highest strength CBD vape cartridges for sale in the UK coming in at 65%
  3. We use broad spectrum CBD cartridges so it contains additional minor cannabinoids such as CBN which makes for an even better effect (the entourage effect!) 
  4. Our vape cartridges are glass which is preferable to plastic as you never know whether heating plastic at such a high temperature may emit additional toxins
  5. Our vape cartridges have a ceramic coil which makes for a better vaping experience. This is because ceramic is more porous so the oil is better absorbed so that you get a better, more full flavour
  6. It is 510 thread compatible which is the most ubiquitous type in the market. This means it works with any 510 thread vaporiser battery like ours!
High strength CBD vape cartridges from CBD vape oil. This is our Super Lemon Haze flavour cartridge - Citrus Eclipse