The Paso Valentine’s Day CBD gift guide

Looking for that perfect something for your significant other, lover, friend, foe or family member this Valentine’s day? Well, dearest pals, look no further - we’ve got plenty of options for you.

If that special someone is a CBD newbie, our CBD edible range is perfect place for you to start With easy to navigate formats such as CBD chocolate or CBD gummies - they are a great entry point to the world of CBD being in something recognisable that most people already love. Who doesn’t love a sweet treat!

The beauty of our CBD edible range is that it is also less strong in terms of CBD content. A nice 20mg per CBD gummy or roughly 15mg per row of CBD chocolate. All our CBD edibles come in a range of flavours - apple or blueberry for the CBD gummies and dark or milk for the CBD chocolate. I mean, what a perfect gift, isn’t chocolate a traditional Valentine’s Day favourite may as well pimp it up with some CBD to get everyone in the relaxing mood. 

If, however, your valentine / palentine / galentine is more of a CBD aficionado, I don’t think our CBD edibles will quite cut and I think they will probably want something a little bit stronger. Depending on the format they prefer, our CBD vape pen and CBD vape cartridges are real crowd pleasers. We have had many happy customers who have given this as a present to someone else. The CBD vape pen is some of the best vape hardware you will find for vaping both CBD e liquids and CBD vape oil with our variable voltage and pre-heat functionality. Plus, the vape pen looks and feels very high end with our silver encasing and engraved logo. It also comes in a very fun package which is personally always such a joy to slide open. 

But, if you know they aren’t into vaping, we’d suggest going with one of our high strength CBD oils in either tincture or spray format. To be totally honest, our higher strength oil drops (10%) taste much more hempy and bitter than our weaker CBD oil drops. If that’s a problem (which it can be), it may be nice to get the 10% CBD oil in the spray format as they are flavoured in mint, lemon and orange. Each are delicious and mask that hemp taste perfectly. Also the spray is a lot less messy and can be easier to dose! 

Hopefully our CBD gift rundown has given you some food for thought on what might be good for you to get. If in doubt, fire us an email as we'd love to help and are very keen you don’t mess this up!

Anyway, it goes without saying, but we love you all - you are great! Happy Palentine's - enjoy the day and everyday!