CBD Vaping: whats the difference between CBD e liquids and vape oil?

There are so many different names for the liquid used to vape CBD and quite frankly it’s all a bit confusing especially if you’re a newbie to the world of vaping CBD. Some retailers call it vape juice, others marijuana e liquid and some cannabis vape oil, but what really is the difference and, most importantly, which one should you get? Well, my friends, once again, I am here to help and so I thought that I would explain what it means to vape CBD and what the key differences are between the types of CBD vape liquid for sale in the UK. 

Right, so there are really only two main types of CBD to vape in the UK (and we have both!) - CBD e liquid (or CBD vape juice) and CBD vape oil. Both are quite different from one another in terms of what they are made from and their strength. CBD E liquid is most similar to vaping liquid used by regular vapers of nicotine or vape juice. It is made from the same liquid base - a mixture of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) - but instead of nicotine (if used), CBD e liquids are nicotine free and are blended with hemp extract instead. 

Like regular vape liquids, CBD E liquids will vary in terms of the ratio of PG to VG in the blend to determine the type of vape experience you get. The higher the VG concentration, the thicker the white plume of vape cloud, whereas more PG will give more flavour, but a bit more of a hit at the back of the throat. Our CBD e liquids were specifically formulated to find the perfect balance that would give a smooth, soft hit. 

Due to the hemp extract being blended in (and so diluted down) by the PG / VG, CBD e liquids tend to be less strong. For example our CBD e liquids come in either 5% or 10%. As such, many people opt for a CBD e liquid if they want to lightly vape, more regularly throughout the day.  

CBD E Liquid Cartridge

CBD vape oils, true to their name, are just made from hemp oil extract and so undiluted by any other liquids such as PG, VG or MCT.  Our CBD vape oil cartridges, for example, contain hemp extract (that includes CBD, CBG and other minor cannabinoids), natural terpenes and nothing else.  This makes them the most natural way to vape CBD.  Also, due to this more concentrated consistency, CBD vape oils are stronger (ours are 65%) than their e liquid counterparts and so you will only need a few puffs. 

In terms of flavour for both CBD e liquids and CBD vape oils, this comes from the natural terpenes. Terpenes are what give a plant (not just cannabis!) their specific smell or flavour profile. We are not fans of a too sickly or sweet taste so we have stuck to authentic weed flavours from the terpenes derived from classic cannabis strains and avoided any artificial flavouring. Our CBD e liquid flavours our named after the strains they are derived from - sour diesel, lemon amnesia haze and mango kush - and our CBD vape oil cartridges we have personalised with our own names, but have also taken inspiration from classic cannabis strains - Our Daybreak CBD cartridge takes its influence from the terpenes of OG Kush with a crisp herbaceous flavour and our Citrus Eclipse cartridge from Super Lemon Haze with more lemon zesty freshness.

CBD Vape Oil Cartridge

The final point to mention re: differences between CBD e liquids and CBD vape oils is that due to their liquid viscosity, they’ll require slightly different vaping devices to vape them effectively. CBD vape oils, given they are seriously sticky, needs a more powerful device to be able to heat them up. Luckily, we designed a vape battery that works for both! The variable voltage and pre-heat functionality of our vape pen give you enough power to vaporise high concentration CBD. 

Hopefully this sheds a bit more light on vaping CBD in the UK. As always, do shout if you have any questions for us!