What’s the difference between our CBD oil drops and our CBD oil spray?

Within our CBD edible range, we have a selection of CBD oral oil that comes in either drops or a spray. We initially just launched with our CBD oral oil drops in its traditional format - the tincture - a little glass bottle of oil with a pipette to dropper it into your mouth. One might feel that they have zoomed back in time to a medieval apothecary with all their natural remedies and potions - and this would be apt, since that is exactly what CBD is - the modern natural remedy that is having its renaissance. As such to carry around your little bottle of CBD is less out of the ordinary than it used to be, many people rely on having their CBD to hand to calm them down at work or to relieve a little ache and pain. 

Popularity in more natural remedies has grown over the last few years. The term “wellness” is everywhere as people are increasingly concerned with what they are putting in their bodies.  We are all wanting more holistic, natural solutions as we fear (or are more aware of) the crap and synthetic chemicals that we have been using or are dependent on that are detrimental to our long-term health. Consequently, many, myself included, are looking to the plant world for answers and are being influenced by the amount of positive stories coming from people who use CBD. 

But, CBD - more specifically hemp and cannabis from which it is derived - as mentioned, isn’t a new remedy, human beings have been treating themselves with this plant for centuries. It’s just that for largely political reasons, over the last 100 years its use has been suppressed and even discouraged. 

After smoking the flower, CBD oral oil drops are the most natural and similar to how they would have been used back in the day - extracted hemp mixed with some sort of carrier oil. So rather befitting of its old school tincture bottle!

CBD oil drops are the most effective edible (please see our earlier post on this) since the CBD absorbs into the bloodstream faster making it a great option for taking just before bed, or if you are wanting to chill out more quickly.

CBD oral oil drops

Our CBD oral oil drops are vegan, THC free, made from broad spectrum CBD (meaning that this includes a range of other cannabinoids such as CBG and CBC, and terpenes) and suspended in MCT oil to help with absorption. We sell this in three strengths  - 3.3%, 6.6% and 10% - but only in a natural flavour meaning it tastes more herbaceous and a little bit hempy. It's important to note, that the higher the concentration (% CBD) the stronger the hemp flavour will be and so the more bitter it'll taste. This is actually why we decided to release our CBD oral oil spray range… so that people could enjoy something a bit stronger without having to be subjected to the strong hempy taste, especially if they don't like the taste of hemp! Plus, we were also keen to dress the CBD oil up in more “of the era” packaging that would be easier to use on the go. 

CBD Oral Oil Spray

Our CBD oil sprays are all 10% and come in mint, lemon and orange. They use the same broad spectrum CBD and MCT oil mix as our CBD oral oil drops, but with an infusion of the relevant organic flavoured oil.

As always, please do let us know if you have any feedback for us - we’re excited to hear what you think!