Reusable Vape Pens Vs. Disposable Vape Pens

What You Need to Know About Reusable Vape Pens Vs. Disposable Vape Pens

Did you know that disposable vape pens aren’t good for Mother Earth? There are several environmental impacts to throwing out disposable vape pens. These days, we’ve all become a bit more environmentally conscious. There are eco-friendly bags, bottles, and cleaning products stocking the shelves and the world of vaping has followed suit and has come to offer eco-friendly choices as well. Not the least of which is a preference for reusable vape pens over their disposable counterparts. 

To help do a small part of preserving the planet and your wallet - I’m going to cover all reasons why reusable vape pens are far and above the superior product (this should clearly illustrate why we went this route with our CBD vape pen)

A reusable vape pen is better for the environment! 

First and foremost, reusable pens are far better for the environment. A disposable vape pen cannot be used more than once so it must be thrown out when you have finished the CBD vape liquid. Moreover, it can’t be recycled and has to be discarded in a regular bin as the cartridge is usually connected to the battery as one complete device and so it will be soiled with remnants of CBD e liquid or CBD vape oil! Given the cheaper nature of the design, disposable vape pens also have a higher chance of including cheaper parts which when broken down can be harmful to the environment. A reusable pen on the other hand lasts far longer -  you can continuously recharge the battery, switch between CBD cartridges - and so contribute minimally to waste plus because you can disconnect the soiled cartridge containing the vape liquid you can recycle the vape battery, should you need to. This isn’t to say rechargeable pens can’t harm the environment but they do so to a far lesser extent.

A reusable vape pen gives you more choice! 

Perhaps one of the biggest personal reasons for a reusable vape pen is choice. They say variety is the spice of life and reusable vape pens seem to have taken that to heart. Whereas with disposable vape pens you are usually limited to the vape cartridge that comes attached or a very, very limited selection of a couple if you do attach, with a reusable vape pen, the connection configuration is your only limit (and if it is a 510 thread this is far from limiting!). They come with loads more flavour options that you can mix and match at will. The same is true for the strength of the CBD vape oil or CBD e liquid in the cartridge. 

A reusable vape pen will be cheaper in the long run 

Reusable vape pens are cheaper in the long run than disposable ones. Upfront costs may differ, but after replacing your disposable pen 2-3 times, the costs begin to exceed rechargeable vape pens. Even the cost of a new flavour cartridge for your reusable pen is cheaper than a brand new disposable pen. Keep in mind as well you can get affordable reusable vape starter kits - like ours! We purposefully wanted to make us under £20, but still with all the functionality and choice you’d require. 

A reusable vape pen has more functionality

The simple fact is that reusable vape pens have more features, a longer battery life, and gives you more choice. For example, our variable voltage setting on our vape pen allows you to customize your vaping experience fully. Some people prefer big, looming clouds of smoke, and others like a thin, fading wisp with a variable voltage setting; it’s your choice. You can also choose the intensity of the hit- sharp, smooth, or anything in between. 

Hopefully, it has become clear why we think reusable vape pens are so much better than disposable vape pens - so remember - whilst they may be a little bit more expensive upfront it's a worthwhile investment - you’re helping the planet, you’ll have better vaping experience and you are going to use the device for years to come!

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