What Is the Best Vape Pen Starter Kit for Vaping CBD Vape Oil?

Now is a good time to be interested in CBD vape oil over e liquids - CBD vape oils are becoming more popular in the UK. Until recently, it's been hard to find a strong CBD vape cartridge. Most vape shops may have a wide selection of e liquids but offer exceedingly few CBD vape oil options. In the US, CBD oils are widely available and far more popular than e liquids due to both its strength and purity. Thankfully, the UK is quickly following suit based on this evidence in the US. This is why we ended up launching our high strength CBD vape oil carts that are totally PG, PEG, VG and MCT free. We found that many people, especially those that are vaping due to its efficacy wanted less puffs, a stronger hit and limited additives. 

CBD Vape Oil Requires a Device to Heat Thicker Extracts and Oils

The US calls almost every vape oil pen, regardless of whether it's THC or CBD, a marijuana or cannabis vape pen. This indicates a type of vape pen that is powerful enough to heat thicker oils or extracts. Whilst this the US can just about get away with this given that marijuana products are legal in some states, here in the UK, we'll need to be a bit more precise as all of our cannabis products are derived from hemp and contain trace amounts of THC. As such, it's a lot more accurate to say a CBD vape pen. (I'd love it if the term CBD vape pen UK style caught on, but it's wishful thinking!)

As said vape pens deemed “cannabis vape pens” have a high voltage setting required to heat up the CBD concentrate and turn it into vapor. Some CBD vape pens also come with a preheat feature to make vaping oils smoother and more enjoyable. 

A 510 Thread Pen Needs a 510 Thread Cartridge

The most popular, or perhaps our preference, are vape pens that are slim and lightweight as they are more discreet and easy to transport. The majority of vape pens that take cartridges (instead of pods) are designed with a 510 thread. Thread determines which cartridges can be used in your vape pen. Because 510 is by far the most common thread type, it has the broadest range of cartridge options. Some vape devices will also include a pre-heat function, LED lights (to indicate voltage setting), and a battery level indicator. 

If you are new to vaping, we'd suggest going with our vape pen starter kit to get you going! This will include our vape pen and your choice of CBD vape cartridge. Why we think our CBD vape pen is one of the best of the bunch: 

1: It’s reusable. It's better for the environment. Additionally, in the long run, it's better for your wallet and you. 

2: We have a wide range of both CBD vape oils AND quality vape pens. If you pick one over the other, then you'll only be hurting your vaping experience. Whilst our 510 thread vape battery gives you a wide selection of other vape cartridges you can use with our vape pen or vice versa, we’d always suggest pairing both products up as designed our vape pen with our vape cartridges in mind, providing you with the best vaping experience

3: It’s versatile. Whilst we said you will need a specific CBD vape pen that is different from what you would use to vape CBD e liquids, our vape pen, due to its variable voltage works with both. So if you are feeling like switching between something a bit lighter and stronger, you can! 

4: We use high quality hardware. Our vape pen is one of the best in terms of quality in the UK, but is still affordable. Do not be deceived by the price we have certainly not skimped on style and functionality. 

Combine all of that together and you'll get a highly customizable, smooth vaping experience every time; which is why we think (ok mildly biased) it is the best cannabis vape pen UK edition. Have a try for yourself and let us know what you think! 

the best vape pen starter kit for vaping CBD vape oil