What different types of CBD vape pen can I buy in the UK?

There so many vaping options to pick from, and frankly, it can all be a bit confusing. If you're new to the world of CBD vaping, then this blog post is for you. I'll explain the difference between CBD vape pods and CBD vape cartridge devices. Hopefully this will help you determine which CBD vape pen you should buy.

In recent years, there has been quite a bit of bad press regarding vaping. This is due in no small part to the vitamin E acetate being used as a thickening agent in illegal THC products in the US. But it highlights why ensuring your CBD vaping supplies are coming from a trusted source is so important. We all need to make sure as consumers that our CBD products have been through all the necessary checks and contain what they are supposed to contain with no other bad stuff added! This is why we have put copies of all our lab reports on our website to illustrate all our products are compliant and safe. 

By definition, a CBD vape pen heats up CBD vape oil and CBD e liquid turning into vapour for your consumption. It's a complex process from a mechanical level - but by using a trusted brand like Paso, you can be sure the CBD vape pen has been made with highest quality hardware and that your safety has been placed front and centre of all our manufacturing maintaining the highest quality standards. 

So the first choice you'll make when buying a CBD vape pen is whether or not the pen is disposable. In our opinion, it’s always better to choose a non-disposable device over a single-use one. Not only is that my personal preference but it's also better for the environment and cheaper for you. In the long run, continuously buying new disposable vape pens each time you finish one will significantly overtake the cost of buying one reusable device. And in terms of enjoyability, a reusable pen allows you to change flavours and CBD concentration on the fly. In comparison, a disposable device only offers a single flavour (the one that it comes with). Due to this and our own personal preference we will focus the rest of this post on reusable vape devices.

The 510 Thread

510 thread is an industry term for the vape pen’s connection point to the cartridge meaning that any “510 compatible” cartridge is able to screw onto the top of a 510 thread battery. This is standardised across the market. 510 is the most common thread type and encompasses the widest range of CBD cartridge / vape device combos to choose from. As such, a 510 cartridge or pen can come in any number of sizes and colours, it just has the same connection point. Our CBD vape pen is a 510 thread battery and our cartridges 510 compatible. We did this so as to provide you with the most choice of the market. 

Worth noting, while 510 implies guaranteed physical compatibility, there is more to an optimal vaping experience than just thread. For example, a ceramic cartridge can come in 510 thread but requires a 3.7 voltage battery or higher for a smooth hit. 

510 batteries have a variety of available battery life. You can find how long a battery will last by checking the mAh number on the packaging. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery life. Another factor is battery brand, as some simply last longer than others. You can avoid the hassle of buying a faulty battery by sourcing your vape materials through a trusted brand. Our vape battery lasts for around 200 puffs depending on the voltage setting used.

The specific 510 thread device you should go with depends on whether you're vaping high concentration CBD vape oils or lower concentration CBD e liquid. For vaping CBD vape oil your device needs a voltage powerful enough to vaporize thicker oils, pre-heat functionality is also a plus as this allows you to warm up the cold oil prior to vaping which gives a smoother taste and better flavour. We designed our 510 thread vape pen to have variable voltage so that you could vape both CBD oils and CBD e liquids by just moving between voltage settings depending on the vape liquid.  

The Pod System 

The most commonly seen pod is the Juul. While Juuls are typically used for nicotine e liquids, the basic design is the same as a CBD pen. A pod system entails changeable cartridges but that snap, as opposed to screw, into place.

The biggest concern about pod devices is that the cartridges are restricted by brand. This means one brand's cartridge can't be used in a competitor's pen. Because of this, pod devices tend to be more expensive in the UK. 510 threads are the cheaper, more universal option. 

While I'm a fan of some vape pod brands, the best one's aren't sold in the UK. Most suppliers limit customers to only being able to vape CBD e liquids. In fact, to my knowledge, there aren't any vape pod systems in the UK that are strong enough to vape thicker oils as smoothly as a 510 device. That's not just a matter of preference. It's a science. Oils must reach certain temperatures to be inhaled and have a smooth, tasteful flavour. 

Which Should I Get?

Of course, we may be slightly biased on this and we could list reasons all day as to why the 510 thread battery is the superior device. But apparently, there's a difference between a blog post and a full-length novel. So, we'll be brief - *ahem* - in conclusion, a 510 thread device offers a broader range of flavours, cartridges, and potency. They also provide a smoother vaping experience that's cheaper on your wallet and better for the environment. And a 510 cartridge isn't restricted by brand, so if you don’t like all of our selection, you're able to experiment freely. So enjoy!