CBD Oil: One of the Best Plant Based Remedies for Anxiety!

We think it's hard, especially now, to find alternative, natural ways to relieve stress and anxiety. For me, one of the best ways has been CBD oil. You may ask yourself, what is CBD oil? Why is CBD oil great for anxiety? Well we will try to shed a bit more light on that in this post. (note: we are not allowed to make any medical claims, these are based on personal experiences!) 

Mental health issues like anxiety and depression are talked about more and more these days. Everyday doctors and scientists are edging closer to classifying anxiety, depression, and more as diseases. Hot on the heels of these changes to the cultural perspective, companies are beginning to focus on employees' mental health as they should. It's not uncommon to find a job seeker deny an offer based on the company's lack of consideration for mental health. Quarantine has only intensified the knowledge that mental health support is essential.

Every day we do what little we can to maintain our sanity, but anxiety will eventually rear its ugly head no matter what we do. We can't help but focus on the things that worry us, like the future or our past choices. That's life. Sometimes, we need a little help to balance it all out and stay calm. 

I have anxiety, but I've always been keen not to rely on human-made medication. I'd hate to become reliant on synthetic medicine. Plus, thankfully, we are all becoming more aware of all the crap that gets put into the stuff and are beginning to not want it in our bodies. Many of us have spent hours combing through plant-based remedies to help and may have come across CBD oil within that search. So we wanted to explain a bit more about CBD oil and why we think it’s one of the best natural, plant-based remedies for anxiety. 

CBD or cannabis-derived remedies have been around for thousands of years and used to be commonly prescribed by doctors, healers and medicine folk for aches, pains and to produce a general sense of calm. However, since the start of the last century, CBD oil and other cannabis-derived remedies were made illegal. Recently, that's beginning to change. For example, here in the UK, CBD is legal provided it contains less than 0.2% THC and is derived from hemp plants (not marijuana). 

With this shift, we are beginning to see its medicinal uses being praised once again. We are continuously seeing or hearing how great CBD is for reducing anxiety and depression while also improving one's sleep quality. This is because CBD is said to interact with the receptors within our bodies that are responsible for controlling fear and anxiety counteracting these feelings with a sense of calm and relaxation. Thus dealing with our anxieties head on and so making it easier to get to sleep! 

There are tons of ways you can take CBD (and thankfully we have you covered with most of them). The best format really depends on what you are looking for, but many view CBD oil drops as the most natural and healthy way. CBD oil drops are just hemp extract suspended in a carrier oil, in our case coconut oil so no additional sugars! You use a pipette to drop the CBD under your tongue, where our sublingual artery absorbs it. Hold your tongue in place for about a minute, swallow the CBD oil, and voila - that's it. Taking CBD in this format is seen to be the second best, after vaping, in terms of bioavailability this is because it is more potent than edibles and much of it is absorbed into the bloodstream under the tongue before you swallow. 

Our CBD oil drops come in 3 different strengths in natural flavour. The stronger the strength the more you taste the bitter hemp. If you are not a fan of this, we’d suggest going for one of our 10% flavoured sprays which perfectly mask the hemp taste and are much easier (less messy) to carry around and use at a moment's notice with our spray feature. 

There's no clear answer to how much CBD oil you'll need to feel the effects. It's different for everyone based on age, weight, etc. It's a bit of trial and error, but it's always best to use less than you think you'll need until you know for certain. Some people may feel tired after using CBD oil, and others may feel energetic. It's essential to listen to what your body is telling you and to go from there. 

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