Why are CBD e liquids called marijuana e liquids in the UK?

Looking for the best way to chill out after a long day at work or for something to help with sleep? Well CBD may be your new best friend as it is believed to help send you to snooze or relieve that anxiety. 

There are many ways to take CBD so it will completely depend on your preference, but from CBD edibles to CBD vape products we, at Paso, have got you covered. We have a purposefully developed a wide range of options so that there is something for everyone - a CBD novice to an expert! In this post, though, we wanted to focus in on our beloved CBD vape e liquids (or what is known in some shops over here as marijuana e liquid or weed e liquid) and why we think that we have some of the best weed flavoured e liquids for sale in the UK. 

First and foremost what is CBD e liquid? CBD e liquid is basically like any other e liquid (or vape juice) you will see people regularly vaping in those massive computer sized devices. It uses the same e liquid base - a mixture of PG and VG, but instead of nicotine or some sort of artificial flavouring being added, this liquid base is blended with CBD (or hemp extract). Since the CBD is diluted down by this carrier liquid - the PG and VG - the CBD e liquid is not as high in CBD content as a pure CBD vape oil extract. So where a vapo oil extract may be 45-60% CBD, a CBD e liquid tends to range in strength from between 5 - 10%, making it the perfect option if you are looking to vape CBD more casually throughout the day. 

Despite many shops sometimes calling CBD e liquid “marijuana e liquid” or “weed e liquid” - this does not mean that it is actually made from marijuana or that the substance is illegal. In the UK, CBD products must contain zero to trace amounts of THC (this is the cousin compound of CBD that gets you high) which is why all the CBD products that you will be selecting from (unless they are illegal) will be derived from hemp. Hemp plants contain less than 0.3% of THC whereas marijuana plants have much higher concentrations of THC that would be illegal to use. So when you see a marijuana or a weed e liquid for sale in the UK, they are not actually weed or marijuana e liquids as they are not derived from the marijuana plant, all the CBD used is derived from hemp. As such, a more accurate description would then be a weed flavoured e liquid. This also means that CBD e liquid will not get you high as it contains no THC. 

At Paso we have developed a fantastic range of weed flavoured e liquids that are all infused with natural terpenes to give them their flavour. Terpenes are the natural flavour compounds found in plants - not just cannabis plants - and so what is responsible for their smell and different flavour profiles. As such, specific terpenes will be associated with a specific flavour or taste. For marijuana flavoured e liquids this can be quite hard as there are so many different names out there so we have tried to help you with ours by providing some brief tasting notes, but feel free to reach out and ask us any questions so we can make sure we get you the right one for your taste buds! 

We really aren’t fans of vaping flavours that are too sickly or sweet tasting so went with authentic tasting, marijuana derived e liquids of a couple of our favourite cannabis strains. We have an Amnesia Haze or Mango Kush which are all delightfully herbaceous with no excessive sweetness. Each flavour comes in a 10% CBD e liquid cartridge (compatible with any 510 thread vape device such as our own Paso vape pen) or in a 10ml bottle so that you can fill up the tank of your existing vape device. 

CBD e liquids are not high concentration, so if you are looking for something a bit stronger, I’d suggest you also try our 65% high strength CBD vape oil carts. Luckily they also work with our CBD vape pen so you can flick between both and go with what works best for you! 

We are excited to welcome you into the Paso family. Do give us a shout if you have any questions for us!