CBD Oil Vape Pens - The Purest, Healthiest Way to Vape CBD

Many people choose to vape CBD as it is the most effective and quickest way for the CBD to work. This is particularly important for people who take CBD to counteract or suppress an episode or emerging symptos where they need a solution to take effect quick. However, many of these people would not otherwise chose to vape potentially due to the health risks associated with smoking (even though vaping has been proven to be significantly more safe than regular smoking). This means, whilst required to vape given its efficacy, they would prefer to vape something that is stronger - so it requires less puffs - and more pure - so that it contains no unnecessary or additional toxins. This is why CBD vape oil is gaining popularity.  In this post, we will explain what makes CBD vape oil so pure and why you need a specific CBD oil vape pen (like our 510 thread vape pen) to vape it. 

If you vape CBD you can go one of two ways in terms of vape cartridges - either a CBD e liquid cartridge or CBD vape oil cartridge. CBD e liquid is most similar to what one normally vapes, meaning a base mix of PG / VG that is then mixed in with the CBD (or hemp extract) along with natural terpenes (responsible for the flavouring). 

Due to it being diluted down by this mixture CBD e liquids tend to be lighter and less potent usually ranging from around 5 - 10% CBD strength. This is why they are so great for people who want to vape CBD more frequently throughout the day. 

CBD vape oil on the other hand is much stronger than a CBD e liquid. You can find CBD vape oils that range from 50% on the lower end all the way up to 65% on the higher end (depending how smooth a taste you are looking for. The stronger or more potent the CBD vape oil sometimes the bit can be a bit harsher, but this all depends on the brand. What makes them so strong is that they are pure hemp extract and so are not diluted down by any other vape liquid or dissolvent, it is just hemp extract or CBD (other cannibinoids if broad spectrum) and natural terpenes - nothing else! 

Since CBD vape oil or CBD oil specific for vaping is in this concentrated form, the oil is a lot thicker and stickier than a CBD e liquid. As such, a CBD e liquid can be used with or in any vaping device used to vape other e liquids or vape juices with nicotine or just flavouring. You just fill up the tank with your choice of CBD e liquid bought in a bottle or buy CBD e liquid cartridges for the appropriat vape pen or device.

CBD e liquid vape pens unless otherwise stated will be less powerful or packed with only the functionality needed to heat up CBD e liquid meaning it does not need a high temperature to turn it into vape. However, a CBD vape oil requires a specific CBD oil vape pen as it needs a higher temperature to heat up the thicker oil into vapour. This does not mean a vape pen where you fill a cartridge with CBD oil that you buy in a tincture as this CBD oil is a lot thinner, CBD oil that you vape needs a pen that is powerful enough to heat up the extract. Some retailers do call CBD e liquids CBD vape oil, but this is not accurate and is misleading so it is important to dilineate between the two as they are fundamentally quite different. 

In the US, where vaping oils and extracts are a lot more popular, they usually call vape devices that are powerful enough for thicker extracts - cannabis vape pens. So a CBD oil vape pen is one that has the power and functionality to be able to heat up CBD vape oils. 

Over here (the UK) vaping oils and extracts is relatively new, but we are beginning to see more demand as there are lots of people look for purer, healthier ways to vape CBD. Whilst there are relatively few brands selling strong or high concentration CBD vape oil cartridges, there is quite a bit of choice of vape pens for sale. However, as mentioned before, you have to be sure that if you go with CBD vape oil you are specifically looking for one of the oil vape pens for sale. How you will know, is one of a few ways: 

  • The vape pen may be called a CBD, cannabis or marijuana vape pen 
  • The voltage is strong enough to be able to heat at a higher temperature or has a variable voltage setting meaning that you can transition between a high and low setting depending on the liquid you are vaping
  • It could have a pre-heat function meaning that you can pre-heat the oil before vaping so that it vapes better


Luckily, if that is what you are looking for - you have come to the right place. Our CBD vape oil pen is the perfect companion for vaping thicker cannabis oils and extract cartridges. So please enjoy and let us know if you have any questions!