CBD Edibles: What's the most effective?

There are many ways you can take CBD - from munching down a CBD edible to puffing away on a glorious CBD vape - it really all just depends on your taste buds and preferences. What you should know, though, is that the effects of the CBD will differ depending on which format you choose to go with as some ways are slightly more or less effective than others. As we have outlined in a previous post, vaping CBD is the most effective or fast acting way of taking it, but many of you are not vapers or don’t want to take up vaping and still want something that works effectively - so what’s the next best thing? In this post, I’ll outline, which of our edibles are most effective and why!

CBD edibles (as the name would suggest) is any CBD that is ingested through your mouth - this includes CBD gummies, CBD chocolate and CBD oral oil drops. CBD edibles are a slower release way of taking CBD since once they are eaten they need to pass through our digestive systems (as with any food) before the CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream.  This is why many people take CBD edibles as a way of consuming CBD so that it acts as more of a nutritional supplement, where the effects are lighter and are not felt in isolation to other things that you may have taken in between having your CBD - say a coffee or meal. 

Interestingly though, although still deemed a CBD edible (as taken / swallowed in the mouth), CBD oral drops are much more effective than other edibles for two reasons: 1) the CBD is only suspended in a carrier oil (in the case of ours, pure coconut MCT oil) meaning it is a lot more concentrated and not baked in or mixed up with a load of other ingredients to create a delicious sweet treat or savoury snack, and, 2) the way in which you take it slightly differs meaning it gets into your bloodstream quicker. When taking CBD oral drops, we suggest pipetting or pumping (in the case of our sprays) a few drops under the tongue and holding it there for ~30 seconds before swallowing. This is because the sublingual artery – the artery under tongue – has a healthy blood supply and is easily permeable so by holding the CBD under the tongue some of the CBD will absorb directly into the bloodstream before you swallow. This minimises the amount of CBD that is wasted through lack of absorption and also increasing the speed in which the effects of the CBD take hold.  

CBD oral oir drops

With our other edibles - our CBD gummies and CBD chocolate - it will take a bit more to get the same dosage - for example, one gummy is 20mg and a square of chocolate is ~3mg whereas a pipette (0.5ml) of our 3.3% oil drops is 17mg and a squirt (0.12ml) of our 10% oil spray is 12mg - plus the absorption is much more effective. This makes the CBD oral oil options, be it our tincture or our oil sprays, the best option to take before bed or if you are looking to chill out more quickly.

CBD edible gummies