Our 510 Thread CBD Vape Pen: the perfect starter vape pen!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Paso CBD vape pen. We have spent a good few months perfecting the design of this delightfully sleek, lightweight number for you and all your loved ones! We are genuinely excited for you guys to try it as we really think that it is one of the best CBD vape pens for sale in the UK. And, being super easy to use, is a great option for those that are dipping their toes into the wonderful world of CBD vaping for the first time! 

As with everything at Paso, style and aesthetic is very important to us. We wanted to give the UK CBD vape market a premium vape pen option.  All our vape pens come in a beautiful slide out box (which is honestly rather addictive to just open and close) with the vape battery (silver plated with the Paso wordmark engraved at the end) and a USB portable charger.

We decided to go with an elegant pen style for the device making it far more subtle and easy to carry about with you - fitting into your pocket or a small clutch. Thankfully, a far cry from those very large devices we tend to associate with vaping that people lug about and have to very obviously draw from which often puts many people off the idea of vaping in the first place, myself included!

We like for you to get the most out of the money you spend… so, although we only currently sell a range of marijuana flavoured e liquids, we are planning to launch our CBD vape oil cartridges soon and so we wanted a CBD vape pen that would work for both types of CBD vape liquids - e liquids and vape oil. Many places refer to vape pens that are able to vape thicker CBD oils as cannabis vape pens as they have been designed and built with all the necessary functionality and power required to vape hemp oil extract. But, people are indecisive, so we thought, we should you have a different device depending on your mood? Why not make our CBD vape pen also a cannabis vape pen so that you can effortlessly switch between your CBD e liquid cartridges and your CBD vape oil cartridges without having to carry around a bag full of hardware. So, we incorporated variable voltage functionality into our CBD vape pen meaning that you can select the lower settings for vaping thinner CBD e liquids and the highest voltage setting for vaping thicker, more viscous CBD vape oil. We also included a pre-heat function that allows you to heat up the cold vape oil prior to puffing away, giving the CBD vape oil a much smoother, more flavoursome vape. 

The best part of all this, despite being decked out with all this great functionality and its premium look and feel, we have still made this delicious little CBD vape pen cheap and affordable at £19.95. You can also pair it with one of our CBD e liquid vape carts for £28.45 giving you the best vape pen starter kit in the UK! 

As always let us know what you think - we are always looking for ways to improve!