CBD E liquid: Our Delicious Range of Weed Flavoured E Liquids

We’re excited to launch our range of CBD e liquids for vaping high quality CBD. Perhaps we are a tad biased, but we think that these are some of the best CBD e liquid for sale in the UK! In this post, we will tell you why that is, but also a bit more about what exactly weed flavoured e liquid is.  

Vaping CBD is fast becoming a very popular way to consume CBD - 1) because it is the most effective way of taking CBD in that it absorbs into your bloodstream the quickest in comparison to other methods such as CBD edibles and, 2) it is the most closely resembles the most traditional way of consuming cannabis - smoking! When you vape you will either be vaping CBD e liquid or CBD vape oil (see later post) - CBD e liquid is a weaker option that many people choose if they would like to vape CBD lightly, throughout the day. 

CBD e liquid is the liquid that you vape using your vaping device. E liquid itself is used for both CBD and non-CBD vaping and is a mixture of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). The ratio of which will determine your vaping experience - a higher amount of VG will give you a thicker plume of vape cloud whereas a higher amount of PG - more flavour and a slightly harsher smoke on the back of your throat. For our e liquid base we use a ratio of 80% VG 20% PG in order to give you a smooth vape with no abrasiveness at the back of the throat. 

The only difference between a non-CBD and a CBD e liquid is that instead of nicotine or artificial flavouring, CBD e liquids are blended with hemp extract and, in some cases, natural terpenes. Natural terpenes are what is responsible for the weed flavour in e liquids. It was very important to us when developing our range that our e liquids tasted authentic, had a natural weed flavouring and were not too sickly sweet. So, we totally avoided adding synthetic flavouring and just stuck to these natural terpenes, nothing else. 

Terpenes (see post) are what give all plants their specific flavour profile so, in the case of weed flavoured e liquids, this is the natural flavour compound derived from the cannabis plant. Terpenes are entirely legal and are believed to enhance the effects of the CBD as part of the entourage effect (see more). So if you are looking for a marijuana e liquid or weed flavoured e liquid you will want to be looking for a CBD e liquid like ours, blended with natural terpenes.

We developed our range based on the terpenes derived from our favourite cannabis strains: Amnesia (Lemon) Haze, Mango Kush and Sour Diesel. All our CBD e liquids are named after these strains, and so sounds like traditional (illegal) marijuana strains, but, do not fear, all our weed flavoured (key distinction - flavoured) are entirely legal, completely free of THC.  

Weed flavoured e liquid

We sell our CBD e liquids in both cartridges or 10 ml bottles. This means you can either fill up the tank of your own favourite vaping device, screw on top of a 510 compatible vape battery or pair it with our very own 510 thread vape pen. It puffs a treat and is very affordable! What's more - it actually also works with stronger CBD vape oils, like our distillate cartridges, so you can easily flit between the two strengths depending on your mood. 

As always, let us know if you have any questions or, even, suggestions of new flavours we should look to add to our CBD e liquid lineup.