A breakdown of Citrus Eclipse - our Super Lemon Haze CBD oil cartridge

At Paso, we sell a range of high strength CBD vape oil cartridges - Citrus Eclipse, Daybreak and Cosmic Berry. Each of these cartridges are just hemp extract blended with natural terpenes derived from some of our favourite cannabis strains for flavour. They are quite unique in the UK being one of the strongest cartridges you can get at 65% CBD. They are also broad spectrum CBD meaning that they contain other minor cannabinoids including CBG for an even better effect (known as the entourage effect). 

Our Citrus Eclipse cartridge is our take on the classic super lemon haze cannabis strain. This is one of the most popular flavours of vape cartridge out there. Why is this? In this post, we will explain more about the Super Lemon Haze strain and why it’s a bit different from what you would get in the US. 

First and foremost what is the strain - Super Lemon Haze: 

  1. Crossbred Strain: Super lemon haze is a cross between the strains Lemon Skunk and a Super Silver Haze
  2. Sativa Dominant: Super Lemon haze is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain. What does this mean? When something is a sativa it is associated with feelings that are more uplifting and it is believed to stimulate creativity and productivity. Whereas an indica strain is associated with more of a body high. So in a sense you can simplify it down to Sativa = mind, Indica = body.  Most strains these days are a hybrid meaning they are a cross between the two which is why we so often see the term dominant meaning that the hybrid is more of one than the other
  3. Great for day-time: Due to its associated effects of being more energetic and lively it is not the best strain for those already uptight. Many people find that it helps to manage stress, depression and fatigue 
  4. Helps with stress, depression and fatigue: due to the uplifting effects of this strain many users have found it to be particularly helpful with these conditions. 
  5. A herbaceous crisp citrus with a mildly sweet edge

However, a Super Lemon Haze oil vape cartridge like ours is a bit different to what you would get in the US, or at least in states or countries that have legalised the recreational use of marijuana.  This is because, with this strain, THC levels are believed to be particularly high and so falls near the top of the potency table.  Meaning that a super lemon haze cannabis oil cartridge will therefore have high THC content and its CBD levels are considerably lower. Super Lemon Haze in the US is therefore not suggested for people that have been advised to use CBD for a condition or illness. 

In the UK, cannabis products cannot contain more than 0.2% THC and have to be derived from hemp plants not marijuana. This means that a Super Lemon Haze oil cartridge like ours, unlike in the US, is not super potent with a high concentration of THC and so will not give you some crazy high. This is because as we have said before CBD products will not get you “high” (that is from the THC - the psychoactive compound), but will just give all the therapeutic benefits associated with cannabis products such as helping you to relax, get to sleep or reduce pain. 

Super Lemon Haze oil cartridges in the UK, or any CBD vape oil, whilst not potent in terms of THC will be what you’d want to get if you are looking for high strength CBD cartridge. This is because, as mentioned above, CBD oil cartridges are not diluted down by any other liquid such as PG and VG. 

Have a try of our Citrus Eclipse cart and let us know what you think. Or if you have any other flavours you think we should try, give us a shout at hello@pasocbd.co.uk 

Our take on a Super Lemon Haze Vape Oil Cartridge