What Is So Great About Our CBD Tincture For Sale?

There seem to be so many CBD tincture for sale in the UK. It almost appears that it is right of passage for a CBD brand to release their own CBD tincture. So, why then, do we think ours is best than all the other CBD tinctures for sale? 

First off, a CBD tincture is a little glass bottle containing CBD oil with a dropper at the top for you to administer the CBD. When taking CBD in this format, we suggest dropping a few drops under the tongue, holding it there for 30 - 60 seconds and then swallowing. This ensures maximum absorption of the CBD. 

Now that’s out the way, here’s a quick outline as to why we think our CBD tincture is so great (spoiler: it actually works).

We use broad spectrum CBD. 

This is when the CBD is extracted out along with all the other minor cannabinoids in the hemp plant (not THC!). When other minor cannabinoids are present with the CBD it is believed that the effects of the CBD are enhanced. This is what’s called “the entourage effect.” 

We use the highest quality CBD derived from hemp. 

All our CBD is extracted from organically grown, pesticide-free, industrial hemp farmed in the US.

All our CBD is double lab tested. 

We test all our CBD products first immediately after extraction, and then a second time with an independent third-party lab to ensure the levels of cannabinoids are consistent within each SKU and that our CBD is free from THC and CBN. All our reports are available on our website, but should you have any further questions please do ask! 

All our CBD is manufactured to GMP standards. 

Process matters and doing it by the book is by far the most important thing. We ensure all of our products are manufactured in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice. 

We give you a choice! 

We sell a range of strengths and flavours for you to pick from. The stronger the CBD tincture, the more intense the hemp flavour so we introduced a range of stronger oils infused with organic flavouring - mint, lemon and orange. These are also available in spray format which we find is a lot easier to administer on the go and a lot less messy

So give it a go for yourself and let us know how you think our CBD oil performs against all the other CBD tinctures for sale!