Welcome to Paso - Premium CBD products for sale in the UK!

Hello fine people - we’d like to welcome you to the wonderful world of Paso!  We are a relaxation brand developing a range of plant-based remedies to help you take a moment to chill. 

Our initial product range is focused on a range of delicious (and nutritious) CBD products with plans to expand in the coming years to additional remedies that use other magical ingredients from the plant world! 

We both left our high pressured jobs in consultancy and law to move into the cannabis space. And, after working with some of California’s leading CBD brands and seeing the increasing normalisation of its use in the US, we wanted to fill a gap in the UK market by building an approachable CBD brand centred around taste, quality and aesthetic. 

We both benefit from taking CBD regularly so it was really important to us that we try, through Paso, to destigmatize its use. CBD has been known to help people in a number of ways as all our body’s are different and so the CBD will interact with our internal system (endocannabinoid system) differently. 

But, the most commonly associated benefits of CBD are in helping to reduce anxiety, get a better sleep at night, and relieve any aches and pains. Of course, we are not, and cannot make any outright health benefits or claims so I’d suggest a quick google search on the benefits of CBD or head over to our About CBD section - there we explain a bit more about CBD, its effects on our bodies and have provided you with some links to articles that might help. 

However, we found that the CBD products for sale in the UK were pretty limited and we were left disappointed to say the least. How would this lackluster selection encourage people to try CBD? So, after trying an extensive amount of low quality or bad tasting CBD products, we decided to create our own CBD range using high quality ingredients that worked and tasted delicious with a beautiful brand experience wrapped around it. 

Our CBD product range attempts to have something for everyone whether you are a CBD connoisseur or a novice, we have built a selection of products that are both appealing to existing CBD users and more accessible to those who may be more hesitant to try. We have (hopefully) created a user-friendly product selection where you can choose to take CBD in a way that works best for you. For example, our CBD chocolate or our CBD edible gummies are the perfect entry product for newbies as the CBD comes in a recognisable delivery format - chocolate - and the hempy bitter aftertaste is masked by the delicious taste of the chocolate. Plus, because it is an edible, the effects of the CBD will be slower and lighter than if you were to take a puff of a vape.

We are initially launching with our CBD chocolate in dark, milk and white; our CBD non-vegan gummies in blueberry, cranberry and apple; and a selection of vape products - our 510 thread vape pen and marijuana flavoured CBD e liquids (all infused with natural cannabis terpenes). However, stay tuned as we will be expanding our product range over the coming months (and feel free to reach out with any suggestions should you have them)!

We hope that by creating Paso and building this high quality, delicious tasting range of CBD products we can move public perception of CBD beyond some niche food supplement or a product of stoner culture into the mainstream and more everyday use!