Vaping CBD oil explained

How does one vape CBD oil? Do I buy the CBD oil drops that come in the apothecary style tincture bottle and then just dropper them into the tank of one of those oversized vaping devices? Do I even have to use such a large contraption - is there not something a little less unwieldy and stylish? Well, my friends, I am here to answer all these questions for you so that you will be good to go on the CBD vaping front. 

It is very important from the get-go to make the distinction between CBD oral oil drops and CBD oil for vaping. Whilst similar in theory, they are actually a bit different. And, whilst this may seem somewhat obvious to some of you, there are a few people out there that get this wrong and attempt to fill up their cartridge or tank with CBD oil drops that are not designed for vaping. 

CBD oil drops that come in the dropper bottles (a tincture) and that are now readily available in some mainstream health shops are classified a CBD edible. This means they are ingested through the mouth, pass through your digestive system and then into your bloodstream. They are made by dissolving CBD distillate in a carrier oil such as hemp or MCT oil and, depending on the brand, any other flavouring or additional ingredients they have decided to add to make it more delicious (as the underlying taste of the hemp can be a touch bitter!). 

Conversely, CBD oil that is used for vaping does not have a carrier oil in them. They tend to be just distillate hemp extract, natural terpenes and nothing else meaning its consistency is thick and very sticky. So rather than being able to be eaten, they require a high heat to melt the thick CBD oil so that it can be vaped. 

This point is also very important as it indicates that you can’t just use any vaping device if you vape CBD oil. I know you may have seen CBD vapers use traditional nicotine or flavoured vaping devices (those large computer-like contraptions), but these people are most likely vaping CBD e liquid which is a different liquid. CBD e liquid is basically the traditional vaping e liquid base (a PG/VG mix) blended with CBD meaning it has a similar consistency to any other vape juice and the same sort of device can be used - you could even fill up the tank of your current vaping device (if you vape) with a CBD e liquid from a bottle.

CBD vape oil, on the other hand, would not work in most of these devices due to its thicker consistency. Instead, you will need to find a device that can be used for vaping CBD oil - the most popular of which tend to be called a CBD oil vape pen or a cannabis vape pen. Luckily, this CBD oil vape pen design is much more elegant and understated (hence being likened to a pen) than what you might be used to seeing from the more mainstream vaper. 

The CBD oil vape pens are specifically built to be a lot more powerful so as to be able to heat up for more viscous CBD oil liquid. It is also good to look for a device with pre-heat functionality so that it can warm up the cold oil before you begin vaping as this makes for a much smoother vape experience.

Luckily, our CBD vape pen comes with pre-heat function for just this reason because we wanted to make sure it would work well with higher strength pure extract CBD vape oil cartridges. We also made out  510 thread vape pen variable voltage so as not to limit your options - you can use the same pen with either thicker CBD vape oils (higher temp) or thinner CBD e liquids (lower temp). Have a go and let us know what you think!