Essential Cannabis Vaping Tips For Beginners

If you're new to cannabis, this article is for you. We’ll cover the main differences between smoking CBD flower vs. vaping CBD oils, which vape pen is best, and the role of terpenes in giving cannabis vape liquid its signature taste. While this article is written from a CBD lover's perspective, the advice applies to other THC products like flower, oil, or a marijuana e liquid.

CBD Flower vs CBD Vaping

Historically, the most popular way to consume cannabis is by smoking flower. This method dates back thousands of years, but more modern times have bought about new ways to consume cannabis. There are a few reasons behind the sudden popularity of vape pens. For starters, the harmful effects of smoking are more widely publicized, and as such, society has begun moving away from smoking in general. Secondly, new devices allow for weed e liquid and cannabis vape oil (be it THC or CBD dominant) to be consumed without being burned for inhalation. The most commonly used devices are dry herb vaporizers or standard cannabis vape pens like our 510 thread battery

The most significant benefit to electronic devices is their discrete nature. A vape pen doesn’t produce the same noticeable smell and is generally a cleaner, smoother experience. Plus, according to Public Health England’s evidence review, vape pens aren’t nearly as harmful as smoking. In fact, they pose only a “small fraction of the risks of smoking." 

I prefer a 510 thread CBD vape pen with interchangeable cartridges. It lets me change between different flavours or potencies quickly as opposed to carrying around different strands of flower to pack into a dry herb vaporizer.  

Choosing the right CBD vape pen

A CBD vape pen (which usually refers to the type of battery) works by heating a cartridge or chamber of your desired CBD vape liquid. The style of vape pen you choose depends on how you want to use it  —for example, vape pens with a larger battery is important if you are an  all-day vaper and need something to last the full day. The other important factor is choosing a battery that is compatible with the type of vape cartridge you want to use. This especially comes into play when trying to smoke CBD vape oil cartridges. CBD vape oil cartridges are a thicker consistency than e liquids so typically requires a specialized vape pen to be consumed. One that is powerful enough to heat up thicker oils or extracts - these are often referred to as cannabis vape pens (again, our 510 thread vape pen will fit the bill!).

CBD Vape Oils vs CBD E Liquids

You’ve got two choices when you’re vaping CBD. You can vape either CBD e liquids, which use a PG / VG base similar to that which is traditionally vaped in other vape liquids that do not contain CBD. CBD e liquids are better for a more casual, everyday vaper as they are much lighter and so can be consumed more regularly. The second option is a CBD vape oil. CBD vape oils are much stronger (65% vs. 5-10%) so deliver a more intense effect and flavour. They are undiluted by any other liquid (such as PG / VG) so it is just hemp extract mixed with natural terpenes. Luckily, if you can’t decide between the two types of vape cartridges, one of the best things about having a CBD vape pen like ours, is that you don’t have to commit to either method fully as our vape pen has variable voltage setting so works for both types of cartridges. This means you can switch between potency and flavours depending on your mood. 


Role of Terpenes

Terpenes are the natural flavour compounds found in the cannabis plant. They play a crucial role in giving your CBD e liquid that weedy, authentic taste. We prefer CBD e liquids or vape oils that use natural terpenes as opposed to synthetic flavours that end up being too sickly and sweet. As such all of our CBD e liquids and CBD vape oil are derived from some of the most popular cannabis strains and taste crips and herbaceous with nice fruity undertones. Just like the type of vape liquid, you can switch also between multiple flavours like mango kush or super lemon haze. Just think, ten years ago this wouldn’t be possible - you’d be carrying around more flowers than a botanist just to do what you can do now in 2 minutes with vape cartridges.  

I hope this helps you make an informed decision in the start of your vaping journey! Send us an email if you have any questions! 


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